AWS: IBM, Oracle and Microsoft are in the clearance sale

Amazon has announced many new features for AWS at this year's re: Invent in Las Vegas customer event. The opening keynote of AWS CEO Andy Jassy lasted for three hours, as he basked in the still-growing market share: he's now nearly 48 percent - nearly twice as many as the four following rivals, Microsoft, Alibaba, Google and IBM combined. "At present, by far the largest part of all IT performance is still performed on-premise, which still means a lot of room for improvement," he called to the 65,000 participants.

AWS is currently moving from the cloud to its customers' data centers. The Outposts project, announced last year, is now available in many regions, including Europe. It is an infrastructure operated by AWS but installed and administered by the customer. Accordingly, all the AWS APIs and services available from the cloud are available locally, allowing applications to be easily moved between on-premise and cloud.


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