How to debug Node.js in a Docker container - DEV Community

More and more teams are moving their development environments to Docker containers. It brings a lot of advantages, such as a unified environment shared between all devs, a faster onboarding process for new members, and predictable deployments. For example, in my previous article “Microservices vs Monolith architecture", I made the point that with microservices you have to use Docker, because otherwise you’re launching multiple microservices on a local machine and development becomes a huge pain. When you have even 5-10 microservices, you run them through your terminal one by one and have to make sure that you have all dependencies, db, elasticsearch, etc., installed. Alternatively, you can get it running with one command using docker-compose, a much better approach.

But that approach requires you to understand Docker and to not miss the functionality or experience you had without it. One of the things to understand is how to debug within the Docker container. In this article, we will go through a few use cases related to debugging a
Node.js app in a docker container.

VS Code
Docker extension for VS Code


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