Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Zab Technologies is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solution Provider across the globe! We deliver a diverse range of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services such as: 1. Peer-to-Peer Order Books Crypto Exchange Development 2. User-to-User Ads Based Crypto Exchange Development 3. User-to-Admin/ OTC Crypto Exchange Development 4. Decentralized (DEX) Crypto Exchange Development 5. Initial Exchange Offering Module/ Launchpad Development 6. One-Page Crypto Exchange Development 7. Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development 8. Binary Options Trading Platform Development All these services are delivered in accordance with your unique business requirements! If you are a person looking to get started with your own exchange platform at a minimal cost, you can get in touch with us!

Using AMP with Bootstrap

In case you were wondering if it's possible to make The Bootstrap Framework get along with the Google's AMP validation system – now you have a few hints how to. We guess in time if this frankly spoken odd approach gain enough popularity there will also be some online generators like the above offering you to just transform the markup for you, but no matter what automated solutions emerge in time, there will always be the need of you as the designer as the one who making the final cut.

RescueTime - Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace

RescueTime is a distributed company with members spread throughout the United States. We were funded by YCombinator in January 2008, and secured Series A Financing led by True Ventures in September 2008. For more information, please feel free to drop us a line.

Columbo - Quality control for web tracking and online marketing

Is your Web Analytics data correct? Columbo will find out for you Try Columbo now and detect tracking errors through 100 free scans. What does a Test mean? Tests are the basic elements in Columbo. Tests let you specify how correct tracking should look like — from simple page views to ecommerce information and user-defined parameter What are Tests used for? Tests are applied for Scenarios as well as for Audits. In Scenarios you are able to test the tracking within processes. In Audits the Tests help to check large amounts of websites for the presence and syntax of parameters

Download PhantomJS

To get the source code, check the official git repository: To compiled PhantomJS from source (not recommended, unless it is absolutely necessary), follow the build instructions.