How to clear the local DNS cache in Windows?

Are you facing the problem with internet connection? or your computer facing difficult to reach any website or web server, the problem may be due to local DNS cache. When you call any website URL on your web browser, it will cache in your local system DNS spoofing and it will remain. Clearing the DNS cache can fix your problems.

Flush Windows DNS Cache

To clear the DNS cache in your local computer, follow these steps:

Open a DOS command prompt. To do this, click ‘Start‘ –> Select ‘Run‘.

run dialog

Type ‘cmd‘ on run dialog and press ‘enter‘ or click ‘Ok‘.

dos command prompt

At the DOS command prompt, type the following command and press ‘enter‘ to flush your local DNS cache.

ipconfig /flushdns

dos command prompt flush command

Now, the DNS cache is cleared.

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