How to get / list out installed PHP extension in Linux OS

Ubuntu upgrade / update package patch using apt-get install

Linux widely uses operating system in the server side and client side. Operating system provides flexible options to install our custom packages and extensions based on our project requirement. Additionally, we can write our own shell scripts to automate our projects.

PHP is used mainly in server-side application software along with various add-ons. During the project development, we must do the basic configuration testing. (e.g relevant packages installed, php.ini configuration, etc.,).

Here, we describe the process that how to find out available / installed PHP extension and packages in the Linux system.  It is a very simple process if you use the below command.

php -m

It will list out all installed PHP extension lines by line.

You can check the example output below:

list out installed php extension information from linux system

Note: sudo‘ permission is not necessary to execute this command.

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